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Smell Sensitive Ink

The SMELL SENSITIVE INK also named fragrance ink, it is a kind of long-lasting smell sensitive pigment,which using the technology of microcapsule to wrap the essence into the microcapsule. And it Has the advantages of high temperature resistance, antioxidant properties which microcapsule have. fragrance ink, can release the fragrance slowly for longer than half a year in the opening space. It can also use the pressure or heat to release the essence which stored in the microcapsules .

Flavor types: rose, lavender, jasmine, lilac, osmanthus flowers, lily, tulip, marigold, cordate telosma, peony, orchid; Strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, peach, watermelon, grapes, banana, cherry, pineapple, mango, coconut, blueberry, Sandalwood, eucalyptus, camphor, mint, honey, chocolate, vanilla, coke, cinnamon, chewing gum, Onions, coffee, white wine, red wine, black pepper, cypress.

fragrance ink Microcapsules morphology and properties: Particle size is: 0.1-30 um ,can resistant the temperature under 180 Centigrade ,good solvent resistance, good dispersion ,but if under the environment of high temperature it will lose flavor though it can restrain the high temperature .

Ink properties: water/oil

Ways to print: screen printing only


  1. 1. Dilution: this is a silk screen printing ink, divide into two kinds,water-based ink & oily ink .Water-based ink can be diluted with water,oily ink available the special solvent to dilute.
  2. 2. The size of mesh should between 150-200 mesh .
  3. 3. Storage:THE fragrance ink, should be stored in sealed dry shade, avoid the direct sunlight and the high temperature environment.
  4. 4. Avoid processing THE fragrance ink, in the environment above 140 degrees.  15 minutes at the 140 degrees environment, the concentration of the aroma will be reduced by 15%.  10 minutes at the 180 degrees environment, the concentration the aroma will be reduced by 25%.

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